Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Ryan Gosling, Marion Cotillard and Carey Mulligan. (asked by fallingunderground)

Inspired by: Stacy’s mom - Fountains of Wayne

Jamie (Nicholas Hoult), 17, lives a calm life with his single mother Janine (Marion Cotillard). But everything suddenly changes the day he meets Dean Miller (Ryan Gosling), 26 years old. Jamie becomes fast friends with the bad guy and is rapidly led into a life driven by sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. His mother notices the change in Jamie’s behaviour and does not approve Dean as a friend for her son, but still wants to meet him first. So when Dean comes over one night, they’re both very surprised to find in the other what they have always been looking for : love. They quickly begin an affair that they can’t keep secret. Jamie is now struggling with the betrayal of the one he called his best friend and the loss of his mother who now gives all her time to Dean. He seeks solace with Emily (Carey Mulligan), Dean’s  “official” girlfriend at the time, who still has deep feelings for him. This is a story about finding love where you last expected it, but most importanly, about fighting for what you truly believe in.

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